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Choose us six big reasons
Quality guarantee
First-class products and services
First-class products and services

To produce top products、Provide considerate customer service、The idea of creating famous brand as the mission,In the market to win the customers and the industry wide recognition and praise;Does the practical work,The first-class service brand,Tree perfect corporate image;For the majority of customers in a timely manner、Thoughtful and detailed product supply and after-sales service。

Excellent research and development team
Excellent research and development team

Rely on a strong research and development team、Improve the quality and efficient production,Provide a solid guarantee for manufacturing excellence products fully used,At the same time have been used in the world,Smile、Speed、The good faith、Skills、Good professional team,Professional service!

Irreplaceable industry status
Irreplaceable industry status

Through ten more years in technology accumulation、Independent research and development strength and the innovation ability of constantly breakthroughs,Year after year doubled growth was realized,Has won“The famous brand”、“China famous brand”、“A famous brand in guangdong province”The 10 most influential brand”“National high and new technology enterprise”Such as the honorary title。

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About huizhi
About us
Kaiping le ying surplus electronics co., LTD In1998Years,Specializing in the production of electronic protection components and hardware plumbing equipment products,It is in the country's largest production base for water warms---Kaiping shuikou town,Head office in Taipei,East of the mainland subsidiary distribution Guan、Nanjing、Cities such as Shanghai。The main products are:The gas discharge tube(Gas Discharge Tube)、Varistor(MOV)、Thermistors(PTCR)、(SMD)Chip discharge tube、Hardware plumbing equipment products。Company products are all passedUL、VDEAnd so on many international safety certification,In the country Within the industry took the lead throughROHSGreen environmental protection certification,With green environmental protection products。 The company has first. 【To check the details
The composition of electronic connectors and roleThe composition of electronic connectors and make it..

A. What is a connector Electronic connector refers to various electronic group.

    The design concept of advanced electronic wall switches and their application scopeAdvanced electronic wall switch..

    Advanced electronic wall switch by the infrared transmitter and infrared.

      Precision electronic slabs board connector connection methodPrecision electronic slabs board connector..

      Precision electronic surface plate connector is usually composed of plug and socket.

        Common problems
        Q How to distinguish the stand or fall of dc motor
        AnswerAs a motor factory for many years,For all kinds of motor is like the palm of his hand。So for all kinds of motor is good or bad judgment is also very proficient。This article is in view of the dc motor to do judgment,The basis of a judgment from the temperature、Speed and to analyze the vibration noise。 1.The temperature The1A bad dc gear motor, and a good electricity.
        Q Motor problems
        AnswerWe all know,Due to the motor current is too large、Power supply voltage fluctuation is too large、Single phase operation、Mechanical bruising、Insulation damage caused by production of bad etc,Three-phase motor windings turn-to-turn short circuit、Short circuit between windings、Winding short-circuit and interelectrode and winding short circuit。 For this kind of phenomenon,We want to make a several inspection party.
        Q How to remove the motor
        Answer(A)To remove the motor wiring first,And make mark,For example, the asynchronous motor,Should do well with three phase power cord corresponding tag,For the dc motor,Should be ready to shunt winding、The armature winding with external wiring corresponding tags, etc。Then put the foot screws loosen,Separate the motor and mechanical transmission。(2.
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